sábado, 30 de mayo de 2009

Another time, you wonder why

I recomend listening to Creep, by Radiohead

One look at her eyes, while I was walking to the bus station, with my candy bag open, and I stopped there, like an idiot. She knew what I felt, and so did I. No matter how short was it, it's a thing one will always remember.

I was there that day, 'cause I wanted to walk other streets, having some time left. She didn't attemp even stopping, just walked by my side. I watched nothing but her moving eyes, they were fixed on mines, and that was a nice love story, wasn't it? I heard again the noises of the traffic and the people walking as she passed me. After a few steps, I turned to see her again. Goodbye. We both knew it was a studpidity, but we follow our normal lifes, and we never meet.

One never knows what is destiny or if there exists such a thing. But you really feel wonderful when you can see and feel life in other's eyes.

After this happened many times in my life, I hope one they I won't be stupid and react

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