martes, 26 de enero de 2010

Where they go

Sometimes you just can't help thinking about writing down the ideas you have in your mind, which can be flooded by some sort of intense feeling at that moment. It might be rage, happiness, sadness, who knows? But you picture yourself explaining to the Interenets what is what you feel right then. This happens a lot to me, I know it's ironic 'cause I've rarely used this place for that purpose, but let me show you what happens:

1.Normally it's any random thing I've been focused on lately
2.Incredible detailed descriptions come to me
3.I get anywhere, like home or any other place with ways to make real the toughts
4.I just tell myself... I'm not feeeling so motivated right now/I can't remember that words that came to me, and I'm afraid of not being able to express all correctly in the way I wanted

And here I am today, finally breaking that route, writing that all those things anyone can think may go somewhere deep in our mind, and stay there, lonely, or in company of other similar "beings" like a bothering noise you hear at calm nights, realizing all you could have done.

I just realized this is totally different from what I first thought :s